About SCP

The business that would become Soap From Corpses was created in 1896 by Ernest Staltheimer and his brother-in-law, Albert Katz. Originally named E&A Soap, the two men harvested whale oil and processed it into fine soap. The product became a hit in their home city of New York, spreading across the globe to households worldwide!

Unfortunately, in 1905, Albert died following a tragic accident in which he fell into the grinder used to create soap. While mourning the loss of his friend, Ernest made one of the biggest discoveries in soap history: when mixed with the right chemicals, Albert's corpse made one of the best soaps possible! Ernest quickly began marketing his new soap, giving it the tagline, "Bodies do Your Body Good".

Ernest became a business mogul, and died in 1975 of natural causes, with a net worth of seven billion dollars. Following his death, the company was bought by Science Created Products, the international conglomerate which currently owns Soap From Corpses Products, Inc.

Today, we're dedicated to bringing you the best in soap and soap-related products derived from dead bodies.

- Robert Staltheimer, CEO of Soap From Corpses Products, Inc.

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