Donate Your Unneeded Bodies

Soap From Corpses gladly accepts all donations, and we do mean all! Yes, rather than being buried in a casket and left to rot, burned to ashes and placed on the fireplace, or poked and prodded by medical students, you can choose to give us your body!

By donating your corpse, you ensure only the finest products will be derived from your body. If you're wondering how to go about your donation, simply follow these steps:

1. Add a clause to your last will and testament, stating "I, [Name here] being of sound mind and body, wish to donate by body to Soap From Corpses Products following my demise. Soap From Corpses creates only the finest moisturizing, cleaning and scented soaps from dead bodies, and I entrust them to do the same with mine."1 If you so choose, specify which product for which you wish your corpse to be used.

2. Have an attorney-at-law review and finalize the addition of the clause.

Voila! Following your death, your body will be picked up by Soap From Corpses specialists and taken to one of our secure facilities. There, it will be broken down and used to create one of our great soaps.

Note: Soap From Corpses will only accept healthy, non-diseased bodies. The following illnesses and injuries will result in corpses being rejected and returned to the family of the deceased: the mumps, the measles, tuberculosis, syphilis, broken arms, broken legs, broken noses, broken skullcaps, liquefied organs, lack of organs, decapitation, severe burns on over 95% of the body, smallpox, anthrax, gigantism, or dwarfism.

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