Order Item #: SCP-004

Item Type: Rejuvenation.

Item Name: Clean New View!

Small package that delivers hard, this specialty line delivers relief and moisture directly to your retinas! Perfect for the gentleman or woman with high taste, who need to make sure their eyes are always at top performance. Whether you need to be apt at spotting in your daily life, or just want to be able to see the world through a new pair of eyes, this is the SCP product that was made just for you.

To apply, simply pop open our patented Corpsefats® wax-enriched containment pod and select which one of the little beauties you want to use. And remember, they're made of real corpse eyes for that distinct feel on your skin and ocular cavities.

This is an order-only product in our line of exotic soaps, and can only be ordered at least six weeks in advance, due to the miraculous SCP process used to manufacture them. Remember, quality is our first priority!

See younger, look younger.

  • Rejuvenates Retinas
  • Restores Color
  • Creates a new sheen.
  • Polishes pupil with our special Corpsefats® eyewax supplement.
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